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What is a API Bridge?

Ultimate trading system with exceptional speed and multi-asset functionality.

API Bridge is a unique and easy to use platform for the stock market designed to stimulate real world trading experience. API Bridge offers an opportunity to execute your trading strategies intelligently without any market risks.


Live Trading Stimulator

Say No to Losses & Test Your Trading Strategies Live

Advanced & Simple Symbol Mapping

NO more complexities in symbol mapping now

Handle Market Volatality with Ease

API Bridge Allows you to execute trades without having to go through the whole trading process.

Speed & Secured

Brilliant speed with No Compromise on Security

Advanced Order & Risk Management

We take care of Coding complexity

All Latest Platforms Supported

Amibroiker, Ninjatrader 7 /8, Mt4/5, Excel, C#, Java, Https, Python

Trade Notifications on the GO in Telegram

Get notified of activities happening in accounts

Manual Trader Supported Bridge

Efficient management of Quantity & Risk.

One Click & Easy to Configure

Even Manual Traders enjoy the benefits of this bridge.


Acts like a Galaxy of APIs

Comes with Inbuilt Web Sever

Our Intelligent API bridge Comes with Inbuilt Web Server which supports Functions As explained in the Doc. Click Here Our Server Support HTTP GET and POST Both so you can chose as per your preference. HTTP POST is preferred where special characters are in parameters and you’re unable to encode those as per URL Encoding rules.

Advanced Symbol Mapping With Wild Card Character, First in Class by any Bridge to Offer That
A wildcard characters is a special character that represents one or more other characters.
A wildcard character is a special character that represents one or more other characters. A wildcard character is used to substitute one or more characters in a text.Wildcard characters are not Limited to IAB, these are used everywhere even in your Computer File Search. Example if you want to search all PDF in computer just mention *.pdf, where * means whatsoever character just search and pdf says that only PDF files.


Safe & Secured

Explore different parameters and see how they affect your returns.

All headers available within the bridge are completely flexible to let you club and have What’s most needed right in front of you. It allows you to sort, hide, place filter or even group columns. there is no restriction implied, our structure is fixed but going flexible is the choice of user.



Not Just Limited To Mobile Companies Providing

The Best API Trading API Bridge to help you in trading and managing your trades.

The Golden rule or the Guide of your API Trading are your Logs, which shows you errors or success and detailed action taking place through the bridge.

One Clink Installation

Simple And Easy UI

Back Up And Restore

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