Equity Gave the Best Return this Year as Compared to Gold Real Estate and Fixed Deposit with Liquidity

We have seen growth in the equity share market over the past 40 years. The market has outdone the other commodity markets and asset classes. With the annual growth of the industry being reported at 13.71 percent, it goes without saying that equity has given the best return over the past few years.

Even during the coronavirus outbreak and nationwide lockdown, the performance of the equity market remained almost unaffected. In fact, it did a whole lot better in terms of investment and returns than gold, real estate, fixed deposits, silver, public provident fund, and other assets.

Despite being considered one of the most volatile markets, equity has outperformed all the commodity markets. People have started to assume that one of the reasons for the growth of this market amid the lockdown and pandemic is the mutual funds.

People align their investments to potential returns, risks, and financial goals. It gets quite overwhelming for people to make an investment decision especially when they are stuck in a global pandemic or a simple situation.

The prices of the commodities have dropped globally. In fact, crude oil price went to a point where it was trading in the negative. The equity market has also seen panic trading amid the pandemic.

However, it is still performing better than other commodity markets.

Equity Market Outperforming the Asset Classes

Gold is often seen as one of the safest investment options. The compound annual growth rate of this asset was reported to be approx. 8.48 percent. Silver, on the other hand, had reported annual growth of 6.92 percent. The fixed deposits reported a growth of 8.62 percent annually.

It is quite clear from the stats that while all these markets have been witnessing growth every year, they can’t be compared to the equity market. Even though the latter involves high volatility, it has performed extremely well in the past few months. 

Contrary to what people believed, the equity market did not plunge during the global pandemic. For example, the medical and pharmaceutical sector grew with the growing awareness of people about healthcare and checkups.

The diagnostic labs and health industry as a whole have witnessed a growth amid the pandemic. Other than that, the stocks of different companies have grown over the last few months.

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