People these days are getting widely aware of the online commodity markets and its phenomenon. It is for this reason that the world’s commodity market has seen a surge in the amount of investment from common people.

If you too consider yourself as a market-savvy person then this is the right place for you. People who have even a little bit of information as to how this thing works can easily make profits in no time.

People who have even a little bit of information as to how this thing works(HOW TO OPEN TRADING ACCOUNT IN COMMODITIES MARKET) can easily make profits in no time.

There are indeed lots of investment opportunities available for a person to invest their money in the commodity market. Commodities are one such option that can actually make you a profitable person.

All you need is to understand the process and gather all the information about how to make profit in intraday trading so as to invest in commodities.


Commodities are the regular items or a raw material that is being used by the people as well as industries across the globe on daily basis. For example, metal, energy, agriculture, services and precious metals.

These can be further narrowed down to the individual products such as iron ore, copper, zinc in case of metal, Wheat, rice or corn in case of agro products and crude oil, natural gas or coal in case of energy.

There are a vast number of classifications under commodities that are being used for various purposes in order to meet the day-to-day need of people and industries.

If you want to invest in commodities then you would need to understand the basic fundamentals of demand and supply of the commodities. It is probably the only way by which you can earn some profits.


Even though the trade in commodities is done online these days but it was not the same as always. The conventional method to trade in commodities involved physical exchange of goods and services from one another.

However, the technological advancement has now made it an easier thing to trade in commodities. All you need is a trading account and a broker to trade in commodities. You do not need to go anyplace else in order to do so.

Now since everything is done online, the commodities trade is also done online over commodities exchange in dematerialized form. The profits or loss that you make by trading is done electronically without the need for any kind of physical involvement.

So, if you really are interested in to earn profit then you would need to open a commodity trading account. It is basically a Trading account that has to be opened with a broker. Without the access to a trading account, you will not be able to trade in commodities.

Now, most people would ask what the need of a broker is. Well, the commodities market does not allow an unregistered individual or a company to trade freely in the market as per the regulation of regulatory authority SEBI.

Since you are an unregistered person, you will need to get in touch with someone who is already registered so that you can invest in commodities.


Now since you need a broker to open a commodity Trading account with, you will get two options. Either you can go with the banks or you can approach a licensed stockbroker. 

If you are at the beginner stage and know less about the commodities market then it is advisable to reach out to a brokerage firm.

They are the ones who usually offer more services and guidance when it comes to investing in the online commodity market.

The next thing would be to open a Trading account. It is a pretty simple job. If you have got in touch with a broker then they will do the work for you in opening an account.

And if you have approached a bank then you will need to fill out an application form, pay the requisite application fees, and submit proper documents and you are good to go. With banks, it usually takes up to a week to open a Trading account with them.

The best part about opening Trading account these days is that you can even do this online. All you need is to visit the official website of the broker with whom you are going to open an account with and then fill out the online application form. After the verification process is done, you can then start trading in commodities in no time.

The only thing that you will need to keep in mind before reaching out to any broker is to check for its credentials. It is better to opt for the best because of the wide range of services and technological benefits.

There are firms and companies in the market who has their own benefits and drawbacks to look into. Reaching out for an inexperienced broker might result in loss of money.  So, before approaching anyone, make sure that you have to go through their profile thoroughly before taking any steps.


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