Are you looking to have better investment options to get high returns? It is the perfect option for you to invest every rupee with a certain financial goal to maximize your returns.

You have different investment options such as bonds, government securities, equities, mutual funds, real estate, gold, and other options are available. Fixed income securities are of low risk but deliver low returns. On the other hand real estate requires a large investible surplus while gold is highly volatile. In the same way, equities have the potential to deliver inflation-beating returns but are very risky.

All the limitations are carried over by mutual funds. Many asset management companies (AMCs) offer various types of schemes such as equity, debt, and balanced plans. Every scheme invests in different asset classes helps to maximize the returns.

List of Benefits for Personalized Fund Recommendations

Invest Goal Bases- To maximize the profit on investment it is better to invest based on certain goals. In day to day life, your goals change and may include things like buying a home, starting a family, new job, educations, functions, and retirements. There are various types of goals including short, medium, and long-term. The personal financial planning tools offer customized recommendation which helps to evaluate your financial goals at different points of time.

Follow Reviews and Recommendations

The complete procedure of evaluation and analytical reports are automated using scientific techniques. This helps to eliminate all human intervention and bias to provide the best investment recommendations. We wish the team of skilled personnel has developed our investment engine that offers customized recommendations right on your smartphone.

Easy and Stress-free investment

If you make all your investment in a single location, it is easier to monitor and track the portfolio. The use of technical tools like ARQ not only helpful in providing customized recommendations that match your needs but also offers a regular update on the performance of investments. It also offers paperless and quick transactions.

You will have Multiple Options

You may not expertize nor have experience to analyze and evaluate multiple investment options. While choosing a reliable investment Engine, the tool does all the work for you. You will directly get notification of investment recommendations on your phone. Adding to it, you may invest either as a lump sum or through a SIP, based on your financial situation.


Without customized recommendations, there is always a high risk of portfolio concentration. This situation may come because you are well versed in certain industries or a few macroeconomic factors. If you have limited information it is reflected in your investment portfolio. This is very risky which results in portfolio concentration. Any negative event may result in huge losses or even erosion of your principal investment. Although customized recommendations are not limited to sector, theme, or industry-specific investment options. This helps you to diversify the investment portfolio and minimize the risk level.


Investment for one time is not enough to meet your complete financial goals. Macroeconomic factors and other events affect different types of investments. Therefore you need to review and monitor constantly the performance of the portfolio. The tool like ARQ review and monitor the market-related factors and also offers recommendations to modify the portfolio whenever it is needed. Get to know cutting-edge ARQ investment engine technology and start receiving customized recommendations with expert advisors.

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