Are you planning to get started with an investment career? Well, it seems super difficult for beginners to build their investment portfolio. In this field where your decision matters the most, mutual funds can be a reliable option for beginners and even expert investors.

Everyone knows how mutual funds can diversify your investment portfolio and help you grow your money quickly and easily. But, the question is how do you invest in mutual funds? If you are planning to get started with an investment, what’s a better way of making the investment than online apps? Not only are they convenient but an easy-to-use option. Do you want to make your overall online investment process simpler? In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of using the Mutual Fund app for mutual fund investments.

Invest in Direct Mutual Funds

The main advantage of investing through the Mutual Fund app is that the investors get to put their money in direct rather than regular mutual funds.

If you still rely on the traditional method of investment, you are deducting a small portion of your returns. For example, when you hire an agent to invest in mutual funds on your behalf, you invest in the regular plans. In a regular mutual funds plan, a part of your earnings is deducted and credited to the agent’s account as a commission.

On the contrary, the direct mutual fund’s investments are commission-free plans (you don’t have to pay any commission to the agent). The amount, which was supposed to be credited into the agent’s account as commission, will be added to your earnings. This way, you can earn up to 1% extra on all your returns.

  • Invest in the Best Offers at One Place

When you have the Mutual Fund app installed, you can rest assured that any mutual investments can be processed through this app. You no longer need to create multiple investment accounts and note the passwords.

This app allows you to invest in the top mutual fund offers in one place. Apart from investment, this app offers a reliable and super flexible redeeming process. In short, if you are on the lookout for convenience, the Mutual Fund app is your pick.

  • Pick the Right Fund Category

Investors put a lot of effort and time into researching different fund categories and selecting the best option that fits their requirements and budget. You have to consider certain factors before picking the fund category, for example, how much risk you are ready to bear? What should be the duration of returns? What are your investment objectives?

The best part about the Mutual Fund app is that all the fund categories are listed according to the above-listed factors. From high-risk funds that involve equity investments to the tax-saving ELSS mutual funds; this app has all the fund categories sorted according to the investment features.

  • Track Your Previous and Current Investment Status

Tracking your previous investment is no longer difficult with the Mutual Fund app. All you got to do is post the investment statement and that’s it! You can easily track its status on the application.

Now coming to the best part, this application allows the investor to switch their previous payment plan to the direct mutual fund’s plan. This means if your earliest investments were through an agent, you can change the plan option to the direct mutual fund’s investment and enjoy zero commission benefits.

  • Enjoy Secure Investment

The Mutual Fund app features sophisticated security protocols. The app uses advanced encryption to protect your confidential and sensitive details. Moreover, your investment is directly transferred from your bank account to the mutual fund’s account and vice versa.

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