On Friday, Copper’s trading value had dropped by 15 paise in the futures contract market segment. The price was approximately 437.50 Rs per kilogram. But as the demand for this metal commodity witnessed a downfall, investment and market speculators reduced its revelation.

If the recent sources are to be believed, the price of this commodity for October delivery has reduced by 15 paise and 0.03 percent.

In the same way, the metal commodity for November’s delivery had seen a fall by 16 paise. Copper was traded at 441.95 Rs per kilogram. These statistics are based on the Indian copper trading scene.

If the international and world’s commodity market is taken into consideration, copper has been traded at $5,739 per ton. The global copper trading value has witnessed an increase by as much as 0.16 percent.


The prices of Aluminum dropped by 15 paise (which is to 133.40 Rs per kg) this week. October delivery rates of aluminium were 133.40 kg and it reached up to 135.60 per kg in the November delivery lots.


Coming to the other special investment commodity, which is, Zinc; the demand for this metal increased this year. As more and more investors are looking for investment in Zinc, its rates have reached up to 185.40 Rs per kilogram i.e. an increase by 55 paise. The increase in the zinc demand in the futures market the last Friday has led to these changes.

As mentioned before, Zinc performed quite well in terms of its demand for the price in October delivery lots. Its price witnessed an increase of 0.30 percent in the futures market.

In the same way, the price of this metal rose up to 188.05 per kilogram in November’s delivery lot. According to the investment experts and market analysts, the major factors that have influenced the Zinc price are the increasing demand for this metal mainly in the consuming-industry sector.


Moving to the nickel, the price of this commodity reached up to 1,179.10 Rs per kilogram this Friday in the futures market. The rates of the nickel have increased by as much as 5.60 Rs.

The constant firm demand for Nickel and the more people wanting to invest in this metal commodity has increased the price of Nickel.

The prices of Nickel had seen an increase of 0.49 percent in terms of the October delivery lots whereas the November delivery lots of this metal commodity showed 5.30 percent gain in the prices.

If the analyst’s prediction is to be believed, then the increase in the bets by market participants (who were in favor of increased Nickel demand) has influenced its price largely.


The prices of lead had gone up to 156 Rs per kilogram this Friday. Its rates have been increased by 10 paise. According to market analysts, the increased demand for lead by battery-makers has increased the prices of lead in the futures market. In October, the lead’s price was 133.40 whereas it reached 135.60 per kg in November.

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