Oil Markets saw an intense augmentation on 22 November 2018 along with the mounting US crude stocks. This sudden expansion of the oil markets and the boost in US crude inventories had a great influence over the prices. However, the anticipated supply cut by the developer cartel OPEC provided major support.

WTI (West Texas Intermediate) of the United States crude prospect was no less than $53.71 for each barrel (8 cents higher than the previous resolution) at 0051 GMT.

According to the information revealed by the EIA (Energy Information Administration) in one of the weekly stories, the United State’s Crude oil stocks jumped to 446.91 million barrels from 4.9 million barrels in the very previous week. Not only does this contribute to one of the highest levels of increment in the crude inventories but this raise has never been observed since December 2017.

The creation of the US crude oil made a new record of no less than 11.7 million barrels a day, the Energy Information Administration claimed. As per the statement of the head of trading for Asia-Pacific in Singapore i.e. Stephen Innes, the crude oil inventory records of the United States are constantly showing a considerable amount of augmentation in the supply.

Regardless of the huge worldwide production, oil markets have modest additional abilities to manage the unpredictable supply commotion, said some famous analysts. On the contrary, Stephen Innes stated that after the reduction in the United State’s pipeline blockage (that is anticipated to happen in 2019), all the controversies and thoughts of a tough global spare ability would last no longer.

Concerning the overabundance, the producer of the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) was directed by the Middle East to implement supply cuts until 6 December. However, some major members including but not limited to Iran are refusing to accept any sort of voluntary cut.

Though OPEC and Russia would not mind the sudden production cut, there are some parties which may not agree to the supply cut decision, says the Investment Analyst of Australia’s Rivkin Securities i.e. William O’Loughlin.

While Saudi Arabia gives a major indication of a unilateral cut, the country would need to be a bit cautious provided the fact that the United State’s President Donald Trump can raise his voice against his wish of lowering the oil prices, O’Loughlin said. Donald Trump praised the government of Saudi Arabia and demanded to cut short the oil prices lately.

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