There’s no denying that risk is the number 1 factor that every investor takes into consideration before investing in commodities or equity funds. Mutual funds have been gaining a lot of popularity recently. It is quite surprising to see risk-reluctant people invest in mutual funds. But that’s true! People are finally coming out of their comfort and risk-free zone and investing in some lucrative investment fund categories.

We all know how mutual funds are getting popular every day. The question is what are the reasons behind this shift? Why exactly are people turning to mutual funds, leaving the FD’s and gold investments behind? Or, what features of mutual funds attract more and more investors? Well, there are many factors that make mutual funds investment stand out. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Professional Management

Mutual funds are handled by financial experts. When you invest in mutual funds, you are allowing financial experts to manage your investments. These experts have years of experience and knowledge in funds management.

Considering the current market conditions and economic variables, the fund managers keep your portfolio up-to-date. That said, the investors can rest assured that their money is managed properly and they will get the best returns at the end of the maturity period.


Another important factor you take into consideration before investing in any fund category is its liquidity. Mutual funds stay accessible to investors. Unless you are investing the tax saving mutual fund option such as ELSS, you can redeem your investment anytime you want. However, there can be a lock-in period for certain mutual fund categories. So, make sure that you do proper research before investing.

Unlike real estate and fixed deposits that are super illiquid, mutual funds can be a great option for investors. If you want your investment to remain available for redeeming, then consider investing in mutual funds.


Depending on your investment goals, you get a wide range of fund categories options to invest in. yes, you read it right! Mutual funds aren’t limited to one type of fund category. In fact, you can enjoy a great level of customizability and a wide range of options while picking the investment plan and fund category.

You can choose the investment option that fits your budget, suit your investment goals, and come with low or high-risk funding options.

Low Costs

A mutual fund is a cost-effective investment solution for investors. Basically, there are two types of fees involved in its fund categories:

  • The mutual fund house fees
  • Cost of investment

If you have chosen the direct mutual fund plan, the mutual fund house will charge somewhere between 0.5 and 1.5 percent of the total amount you earned. Direct Mutual fund plans do not involve an agent. Hence, you can save up to 1.5% of commission money.

Coming to the selling and purchasing cost of mutual funds, we have a solution for this too. The ETMONEY app available for mutual funds investment allows you to purchase and sell these funds without paying a single penny. You can create a free account and enjoy free transaction services using this app.

Better ROI

Though equity funds are the longest duration investment options, they have proven the best investment in terms of ROI.

Equity funds are invested in companies. As these companies witness growth, the investors receive benefits. If you are searching for the most profitable investment option, then equity mutual funds are your pick. It grows your money quickly.

These were the reasons why mutual funds are on the rise. Consider investing in this funding category and enjoy the best ROI.

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