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Natural gas the most eco-friendly fuel in the world is also the 3rd most utilized fuel following oil and coal. It is regarded as a cleaner fuel since it releases smaller amounts of unsafe substances. As it is flammable, it is utilized for cooking, lighting, transportation as well as the electrical and industrial sectors. 

The fast industrialization in China in addition to India has ensued in a larger demand for natural gas in these countries. In addition to industrialization, the high price of crude oil and every rising ecological alertness are aspects likely to increase the demand for natural gas globally.

Drivers of the natural gas price

There is an inadequate number of sources of natural gas, and limited consumption substitutes over a short period, for the majority of the consumers as well. This only means that business or residents will not be able to immediately change over to new fuel sources. Consequently, small shifts in the supply of or even demand natural gas can result in large swings in its price. In particular, the below-mentioned factors can contribute to the biggest price moves:


In the US, the majority consumption of natural gas is from domestic production. As transportation of natural gas needs pipelines, nearly all other countries depend on home production or imports from bordering countries. During the increase in production, prices for natural gas decreased, whereas a fall in production resulted in higher prices.


Severe weather conditions like hurricanes or storms restrain drilling thereby reducing supply. Very cold weather also restricts production and prices increase. The demand side of the equation is also hit by severe winter weather as the demand for natural gas increases. Thus unexpected shifts in weather have the largest effect, especially if supplies of natural gas are short and pipelines transport at full capacity.

Economic Growth

Firm economic growth normally connects with high natural gas prices. An increase in economic movement in the commercial plus industrial segments generally means a bigger demand for natural gas. This is especially accurate of the industrial segment, which utilizes natural gas for energy plus as a constituent in products running from fertilizers to pharmaceuticals.

Supplies in Storage

Supplies of natural gas stored in belowground storage conveniences can affect prices, particularly during periods of greater demand. Storage can supply natural gas when home production plus imports are not adequate. During times of low demand, storage conveniences can sop up production as well as prevent prices from lessening too much.


Natural gas vies with other sources of power like coal, solar, wind as well as hydroelectric power. Coal, for instance, often competes powerfully with natural gas on price. Electric power plants plus iron, steel, as well as paper mills use fuels in high volume and are capable of substituting between natural gas, coal, plus petroleum, relying on the price of each fuel.

Why is natural gas trading in India suggested?

With the development of Indian industries, the demand for natural gas is increasing quickly overtaking its supply.

To control the increasing pollution in the cities, the Government of India promotes the utilization of compressed natural gas (CNG) powered automobiles.

As the price of natural gas price in India is lesser than crude oil it is a striking investment.

India's GDP, as well as its commodities market which is huge and prosperous, is growing at a speedy rate.

All these aspects have added to augmented natural gas trading in India, causing it a profitable commodity to attach to one's investment portfolio.

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