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Cotton a feathery natural fibre grown on shrubs in tropical as well as subtropical areas throughout the world is a basic commodity for the textiles industry. 

Nonetheless, 2 incidents in history – the Industrial Revolution in England plus the development of the cotton gin in the US – extremely modified the part cotton plays in world markets. These incidents led to the extensive production of cotton apparels and changed cotton into a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry.

What are the drivers of the Price of Cotton?

The price of cotton is determined generally following the 7 factors as mentioned below:

Global Stocks

Of late, China is engrossed in huge stockpiling to make sure they have sufficient supply of cotton. These actions have ensued in increased home prices for cotton in China than in the remaining countries of the world. If China were to sell all of its stocks due to lesser domestic demand, then prices for cotton would most probably decrease. Alternatively, if Chinese stockpiling brings in global deficits, then prices could increase.

Government guidelines

Majority of the governments to a great extent finance cotton farmers. Grants have the result of maintaining the supply of cotton unnaturally high and its prices falsely low. Brazil has followed and won cases against the US via the World Trade Organization to block these subsidies. Nonetheless, a new US farm bill raised financial support for cotton. The prevalence of financing can have a significant impact on the prices of cotton.

Worldwide Demand

The worldwide demand for cotton is typically an affair of the whole health of the economy. Cotton is mainly an optional item, and customers can pick other cheaper artificial fabrics like polyester in case the economy is weak.


With regard to a factor of prices for cotton, climate plays a significant role. Cotton grows properly if the weather is warm; there are sufficient rainfall and little or no ice. Poor weather conditions in countries like India or China, for instance, could generate supply deficits and increase in the prices of cotton. In contrast, perfect weather conditions could generate plenteous crops which in turn will lead to more supply and increase in price as well.
Price of alternates 

The production, as well as price of alternate fabrics like polyester, plays a very important part in deciding cotton prices. China is a foremost manufacturer of purified terephthalic acid (PTA), which is the staple material utilized to produce polyester. Historically manufacture decisions connected to PTA had a dramatic impact on its demand. These decisions, consecutively, can influence cotton demand plus prices. Cotton traders should keenly observe the market dynamics of PTA. 

Oil costs

Cotton is a costly crop since the machinery plus motor vehicles required to operate on farms signify an important constituent of overall costs. Machines plus equipment need fuel, so crude prices can significantly impact cotton production. Additionally, PTA is made from oil, so an increase in crude prices can make polyester more costly and increase demand for cotton.

The US Dollar 

The majority of the commodities including cotton are determined in US dollars. When the worth of the dollar falls against other currencies, then more dollars are required to buy cotton than when the price is high. Purchasers buying cotton in other currencies discover their buying power augment when the dollar is weak and descent when the dollar is strong.

Reasons for investors to invest in cotton

• Bet on worldwide stockpile 
• Bet on the sturdy worldwide economy 
• Bet on price rises 
• Bet on increased oil prices

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