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Welcome to the world of Scope for Growth and abundant wealth Creations.
Capital Preservations

At Gill Broking we focus on Capital Preservation &provide attractive return to our clients through Equity Trading.

Why to Invest with Gill Broking?

Real-time Rates

Our Financial Experts provides real time rate of Equity trading updates with analytical skills an analytical experience.

Member of NSE National Stock Exchange X Years, Member of BSEBombay Stock Exchange X Years, Clear cut user friendly tools and Charts enhances you to make a better financial decisions for investments.

24/7 Back Office Support

Gill Broking Back Office Support is there round the clock to support our clients on Equity Trading.

You can trade with us through various platforms using via mobile application, desktop application, and call-n-trade method. Free to invest your Investments on the Equity Market

Reach us today for online equity shares trading. We are one step away from Investments!

Gill Broking, Your perfect Stock Broking Partner for complete online trading. Find our best equity investment services and products, Right recommendations from our equity trading analysts.

How to Start Equity Trading


Opening a Demat Account


Transfer Funds


Buy Equity Shares


Multiply Your Investments

Over the last 10 years, Gill Broking helped and guided Clients to achieve outstanding results towards their Investments.

Gillroking Provide simple and seamless platform for online equity in India. Our easy equity trading platform designed for user convenienc & More Smarter

Frequently Asked Questions

An equity share is a form of ownership to the Shareholder. The shareholder of those shares as right towards the company of which they hold the Shares.

Online share trading is the process of buying and selling of shares via internet and viewing profit from the difference in the buying price and selling price. The price of each stock is determined by the demand and supply of a particular share in the market. Thru Online share trading , a trader can enjoy various advantages like seamless accessibility, security towards shares, convenience, portfolio management etc.. over traditional trading system.

Anyone can buy the shares that are listed on share market by a recognized Stock Exchanges like NSE (National Stock Exchange) , BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

Yes, it is mandatory to  sign the “Member-Client agreement”  with Broker or Sub Broker in order to execute trading by furnishing your details to enable yourself as a member for trading by registering in Client Registration Form.

The right of the investor are Price Proof, brokerage charges charged by Broker or Sub- Broker, Money& Shares on time, Accounts Statement and Contract Note member where you trade.

No, trading without a Stock Broker is not possible. Stock Broker acts as alias on between the Depository Participant (DP) and Investor

Open an Account

In which you can trade with the lowest brokerage for the commodity online trading account at MCX.

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Benefits Of Equity Trading

High Returns

Compare to other products Equity Trading provides excellent possibility to make high profit in shorter period.

Rights Shares

Equity shareholders are the real owners of the company and can influence business decision


Equity shares are transferable and can transfer from one person to another person without consideration


Equity shares are liquid in nature so it is easy to buy and sell shares  in capital market

Credit Worthiness

From the company point, it will increase the credit worthiness of the organization among investors & Creditors

Increase in Value

One of the major advantages of equity share is, it has an ability to increase in value

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