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In the history of the world Gold is without a doubt one of the most desired precious metal. The value attributed to gold by everyone largely stems from the reality that it is about invariably in demand when compared to its virtual shortage.

Gold Future Market

Since India is a foremost consumer of Gold, there arises a need to be incorporated into global markets. Holding a futures platform in India will let Indian value chain members take part in the above procedure, and as well counterbalance their price risk.

India already has a vast spot market in gold. A futures platform will only harmonize the on-hand system by rendering a forward curve for prices. Going onward, the Gold Futures Market exchange will combine completely with the spot market producing a dependent relationship in which mutual advantages will flow flawlessly.

The Gold Futures Market will let investment gold to flow without restraint into the market, which will additionally reinforce the price finding process

Gold Future Market

Factors Affecting Gold Prices


Gold, because of its almost stable character when compared to currency, holds important value and is utilized to hedge inflation. This is the reason investors favour to hold gold trading instead of currency. Consequently, when inflation is high, the gold demand rises and vice versa. The price then automatically shoots up, as a result of the high demand. This is true for both global inflations as well as the one occurring in India.

Global Movement

Any international shift in the price of gold influences the cost of the yellow metal in India as well. This mainly comes from the reality that India is one of the major importers of gold and hence when the import prices alter because of an international movement in price, the same is then shone in the costs of gold at home. As the value of money and different financial products may decrease due any political disturbance, gold is considered as a safe haven by investors and per se the demand plus price of gold increases during any kind of political chaos.

Government Gold Reserves

Central banks of the majority of main countries hold both currency and gold reserves. Thus, when these central banks begin holding gold reserves plus procure extra gold, the cost of gold rises. This is due to the fact that when the flow of cash in the gold trading increases the supply of gold decreases.

Jewellery Market

Indians adore their gold jewellery and hence during birthdays, festivals and even wedding seasons the price of gold shoots up as its demand from the consumers also increases. The demand-supply disparity contributes to increased prices. Gold in India is also used for jewellery and also for gifting, in addition to a sturdy hedge alongside rising inflation. All these together increases the home demand for gold and therefore the price rise.

Interest rate trends

Interest rates on fiscal products as well as services are bond strongly with the demand for gold. When interest rates increases, customers have a tendency to sell gold and obtain cash leading to an enhanced supply of gold thereby decreasing the rates of the yellow metal. On the other hand, a lesser rate of interest transform to more cash with the customers and per se larger demand for gold and thus increased the price of Gold.


 The single thing investors have to bear in mind is that vagueness is not a quantitative statistic like a lot of these other facts. It is a totally psychological issue meaning it is investor-dependent, and it can be different from one occurrence to the other. Whatever is your interest to invest in the gold market, Gill Broking is at all times with you with their different suggestions, guidelines as well as useful news to make your investment successful in gold trading.

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