Internet & Wireless Technology Based Trading Facility Provided By Members To Client

 (All the clauses mentioned in the ‘Rights and Obligations’ document(s) shall be applicable. Additionally, the clauses mentioned herein shall also be applicable.)

  1. Member is eligible for providing Internet based trading (IBT) and commodities trading through the use of wireless technology that shall include the use of device such as mobile phone, laptop with data card, etc. Which use Internet Protocol (IP). The Member shall comply with all requirements applicable to internet based trading/- commodities trading using wireless technology as may be specified by SEBI & the Exchanges from time to time.
  2. The client is desirous of investing/trading in commodities and for this purpose, the client is desirous of using either the internet based trading facility or the facility for commodities Trading through use of wireless technology. The Member shall provide the Member’s IBT service to the Client, and the Client shall avail of the Member’s IBT service, on and subject to SEBI/Exchanges Provisions and the terms and conditions specified on the Member IBT Web Site provided that they are in line with the norms prescribed by Exchanges/SEBI.
  3. The Member shall bring to the notice of client the features, risks, responsibilities, obligations and liabilities associated with commodities trading through wireless technology/internet or any other technology should be brought to the notice of the client by the Member.
  4. The Member shall make the client aware that the Member’s IBT system itself generated the initial password and its password policy as stipulated in line with norms prescribed by Exchanges/SEBI.
  5. The client shall be responsible for Keeping the Username and Password confidential and secure and shall be solely responsible for all orders entered and transactions done by any person whosoever through the Member’s IBT System using the Client’s Username and/or Password whether or not such person was authorized to do so. Also the client is aware that authentication technologies and strict security measures are required for the internet trading/commodities trading through wireless technology through order routed system and undertakes to ensure that the password of the client and/or his authorized representative are not revealed to any third party including employees and dealers of the Member.
  6. The Client shall immediately notify the Member in writing if he forgets his password, discovers security flaw in Member’s IBT System, discovers/suspects discrepancies/unauthorized access through his username/password/account with full details of such unauthorized use, the date, the manner and the transactions effected pursuant to such unauthorized use, etc.
  7. The Client is fully aware of and understands the risks associated with availing of a service for routing orders over the internet/commodities trading through wireless technology and Client shall be fully liable and responsible for any and all acts done in the Clients Username/password in any manner whatsoever.
  8. The Member shall send the order/trade confirmation through email to the client at his request. The client is aware that the order/trade confirmation is also provided on the web portal. In case client is trading using wireless technology, the Member shall send the order/trade confirmation on the device of the client.
  9. The Client is aware that trading over the internet involves many uncertain factors and complex hardware, software, systems, communication lines, peripherals, etc. are susceptible to interruptions and dislocations. The Member and the Exchange do not make any representation or warranty that the Member’s IBT Service will be available to the Client at all times without any interruption.
  10. The Client shall not have any claim against the Exchange or the Member on account of any suspension, interruption, non-availability or malfunctioning of the Member’s IBT System or Service or the Exchange’s service or systems or nonexecution of his orders due to any link/system failure at the Client/Members/Exchange end for any reason beyond the control of the Member/Exchanges.

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