BTST basically means Buy Today Sell Tomorrow. It is the process when an investor sells his part of share purchased on the previous date to earn some profit. To understand it completely, you will need to understand what exactly it is. In Indian commodity market, equity settlement is done within 2 working days. So, if you are purchasing a share of Monday, you will get it delivered on Wednesday. However, in meantime, if you want to sell it back before it is being delivered to you; you are free to do so. Say, you bought a share on Monday at 100 per share. On Tuesday, the share price went up to 110. Thus, if you sell the share on Tuesday, you will get the additional profits.


The open position is the position or situation when an investment that has entered the market in recent past has not been closed yet. For example, an investor has 100 shares. Up until those shares are sold, the position of the investor is “open position”.


It is the process when an investor borrows some shares from a company and sells them to another investor at a particular rate and later buys those particular shares back at lower rates. It is called short position. This process is quite effective if an investor can anticipate that the price of a commodity will decrease in days to come.


Cross hedging is the process where there is no future contract available for a particular asset or a commodity. In that case, the investor will look up for a similar asset closely related to his and use the futures of those associated commodity or asset.


It is the strategy or process where the manufacturers and the producers fix the price of a commodity that is to be delivered or sold in near future.


The long position is the process when an investor buys some commodities in the hope that the price of those commodities will rise in future. Usually, the process of buying and selling is of long duration. The investor buying a commodity has no intention to sell them in short period of time and thus wait for an appropriate time to sell them.


The long hedge is just opposite of the short hedge. It is the strategy opted by the manufacturers and the producers to fix the price of a commodity that is to be bought or purchased in near future.

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