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The whole world is aware of mentha oil as an aromatic herb which has numerous medicinal aspects. However, people in India know it as “Pudina”. Mentha is one such minor crop that grows only in Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent. A distillation process of the leaves produces the mentha oil and other derivatives. It is widely used across the nation in a different form. The two major industries where the demand of mentha oil is high are pharmaceutical industry and food processing industry. It is also used in cooking as well as for flavouring purpose.

Factors of Mentha Oil Trade

India has always been one of the largest producers of mentha oil and probably the largest exporter of mentha oil in the world. There is no doubt in it that India has maintained its position of the lead exporter of the mentha oil.

  • The increase in the use of natural aromatic healthcare products by the people.
  • Shifting of people’s interest towards flavoured consumable items. 
  • The constant increase in consumer’s awareness about personal healthcare.
  • High production by a nation.
  • Consumption rate.
  • Export to import ratio.
  • Development of new industries which are primarily based on mentha oil.

Global Demand

One of the major attributes which result in ever-increasing demand of mentha oil is because of its requirement in the fragrance industry. It is widely used across the world in cosmetics, personal health care products and other areas where they feel the need for flavour or aroma. Some of the major importers of mentha oil are China, Singapore, and the USA. The growing requirement of the people for natural and organic products with nice aroma is also one of the major reasons why mentha oil so widely in demand.

There is no doubt that global oil industries have grown a lot in recent years. The constant increase in demand for natural and organic care products has also resulted in an increase in demand for mentha oil. Even if the price of the mentha oil has fluctuated a lot, still there seems to be a huge demand for such. The rise in demand from western countries has the so played a significant role in promoting the global economy.

In recent times, the mentha oil has performed fairly well in the global trade market. The mentha oil commodity brokers have now a new opportunity ahead of them.

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