Intelligent Investing Through Our Mutual Fund Platform


Focus on Research

The right and most suitable investment plans that are drawn after thorough market research and algorithm-based evaluation. 

Portfolio Monitoring

Assessment of online investment portfolio and the past performance for the better and sound decision-making process.

External portfolio upload

Upload all your family's and personal portfolios under one platform and track the investment status in one click.

Quick and Convenient

Simple and quick transactions, immediate fulfillment of the offers, quicker execution, and digital client onboarding.

Safety and Security

Enjoy safe transactions with bank-grade security. Ensure that your transactions and confidential details are safe with a multilevel verification feature.

Zero Cost Management

Claim your free account, enjoy zero-cost transaction services, and manage your investment portfolio for free.

Why you should own Mutual Funds

According to the research, equity investment is dominating the current investment market. It has outperformed traditional investment products such as Fixed Deposits, Gold, real estate, bonds, and ULIP.

When it comes to investing in equity, mutual funds seem the most reliable option. The product helps you make investment easily and expect a high rate of returns over a short/long investment duration.


Advantage of Mutual Funds

Hello! I act as your financial friend and help you make a sound investment decision. Join me and take your overall MF investment experience to the next level!
  • Investment portfolio diversification

  • Professional fund managers

  • Professional fund managers

  • An array of mutual fund options

  • Safety, security, and transparency

  • Higher ROI

Take MF Investment Decision with Robo Advisory

Have you ever heard the saying "same size does not fit for all"? It is completely applicable to the investors who come with a different investment portfolio. Robo Advisory concept is based on providing a personalized experience to each customer. When you sign up with us, you get yourself a platform that designs your profile considering your risk profile, experience, and investment goals. According to your risk profile, we suggest the deals that suit your requirements. The Robo advisor, who acts as your financial friend, works in line with the recommendation logics and fund ranking. Our professional team has years of experience in this industry and they know how to build a customized portfolio for each customer. By choosing our investment platform, you can rest assured that all your MF investment profile building and purchase/sell requirements will be catered easily and effectively.

A Single Platform to execute Mutual Fund Transaction

User-friendly Interface

Digital client onboarding, ease of transactions and faster execution

Customized Dashboard

Track/monitor your consolidated investment portfolio in real time

Risk Management

Risk-based asset profiling approach

Thematic basket

Invest through ready-made thematic baskets

Bank Mandates

Register NACH & ISIP mandates


  • FAQ

Mutual fund investment diversifies your investment portfolio. Furthermore, it is more appealing than FD’s gold investment, tax-free bond, and even real estate.
The Robo advisor you find on our platform is called meta money. Robo advisory acts as your friend by providing suggestions on where and how to invest the money in the right product.
Any investment and transactions are done through our official platform are free of cost. We charge you no fees for investing in mutual funds.
The professionals working with us are financial experts who possess years of experience in managing mutual funds investment deals. They provide our customers with the best possible assistance.
Our customers get bank-grade security when processing the transactions with us. Our platform complies with all the latest investment regulations.
We don’t guarantee minimum returns. However, our financial advisor provides all customers with a personalized suggestions on the right kind of mutual fund investment for them. But, there is no assurance of minimum returns in the future for your previous transactions.

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