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RBD Palm Olein is a liquid product that is extracted from the palm oil by the process of crystallization in a controlled environment. The liquid is widely used as raw material for manufacturing of various items such as soap, washing powder and other personal care products. RBD is the acronym of Refined Bleached and Deodorized. The RBD Palmolein is available in different varieties such as in crude form as well in kernel form.

The RBD Palmoein is also used for cooking and in different food items such as snacks and ready-made food items. Moreover, the palm oil also has a number of medical advantages which makes it more preferable to other oil. It is a cholesterol-free, highly rich oil best suitable for a person’s health.  There are potentially hundreds of applications of such liquid substance for one to use.

Factors Influencing RBD Palmolein Trade

The RBD Palmolein stakeholders would want to go through the below-mentioned points as what factors influences the palm oil trade.

  • The production of palm olein in global as well as domestic level.
  • The prices of crude as well as kernel oil.
  • The seasonal effect during the harvesting period.
  • The demand for import and export of RBD Palolem.
  • Demand to supply ratio.
  • Price competitiveness across the nation.

Global Importance

Palmolein is produced widely across the globe but there are only a few nations are out there who have dominated the RBD Palmolein market. Some of the largest palm oil producing countries are Indonesia and Malaysia. These two nation has dominated the global palm oil market is all regards. Some other nations which are also considered to be a major producer of the RBD Palolein oil are Thailand and Cambodia.

Because of the high and constant demand for palm oil, it has dominated the global vegetable export trade. India has always been the biggest importer of the palm olein oil for a very long time. The palm oil which is imported in India is used greatly for different purposes. One of the major reasons why palm oil is imported in India is because of its requirement in cooking. Although India too produces palm oil, it is considered negligible. Hence, India needs to import RBD Palmolein in a huge quantity.

The second biggest consumer of palm oil after India is China. The requirements are same for China as it is for India. It is used for cooking noodles, potato chips and at the same time used in the production of various healthcare products.

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