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Broking is not an easy task. Gill Broking is one of the finest and prestigious stock broking firms in India. With years of experience and dedicated professionals, our firm has been able to build up and maintain its reputation in the trading sector. Gill Broking believes in offering its clients the best service in terms of trading and investments in Stocks, Future & Options , Currency & Commodity. As a matter of fact, with the use of latest and advanced technology, we have been able to provide all our clients in fulfilling all of their requirements. Anyone who is willing to take a step ahead and work with our firm will certainly be able to avail the benefits that the gill broking provides. We  have some of the finest professionals working with us to ensure proper and better-quality services to our prestigious client’s.

Our Values


“Gill Broking” believe in offering the best quality of services to all our clients. Thus, we make use of the best and sophisticated technology, ideas and tools to deliver our services at best

Quality Assurance Policy

We are steadfast in being the principal in furnishing top-notch product as well as services, which surpasses the anticipations of our customers. This is accomplished by teamwork and a course of uninterrupted development.


“Gill Broking” is one of the experienced investment firm fastest growing firms in the Indian subcontinent. We not only deliver our services to the customers but we ensure to do so in fast and in an efficient way.

Business Philosophy

Moral practices and clearness in all our dealings

Interest of customers above our own

At all times deliver what we undertake

Efficient cost management



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Our Management

We, Gill Broking, are a top Financial Service supplier in India, with the inheritance and knowledge to create wealth for our customers. We draw stimulation from trust plus assurance that our customers have in our dedication as well as performance and this is exactly what drives each and every one of us at Gill broking to constantly surpass. In the past few years, we have produced a holistic business atmosphere – loaded with perceptivities and capability to capitulate best outcomes for our customers. We are committed to rendering a better-quality implementation platform to the customer by continuously investing plus advancing our service delivery channels, committing in progressive technology, and featuring the most active and motivated team that is centred on improving the customers’ experience. Gill Broking is a member of the leading Commodity Exchange in the country: MCX.
Our 4 pillar doctrines are: Faith -  Simplicity - Technology - Ability

Our Features

Gill broking offers trading and investing in numerous asset categories with one account which assists our clients to program better. We have built our custom trading platform and Apps to allow our users to continue on top of their portfolios anytime and anywhere.

To cater to the demands of investors as well as traders in the flourishing commodity markets, we tender a dependable and easy to use trading platform for you to trade in online commodities that are listed in NCDEX as well as MCX.  You will find our platform as a perfect one to trade in extremely precious commodities for you to make the most of the flourishing markets.

If you interested in commodity options trading, it is for sure that you will want to discover yourself a commodity options trading broker that has access to the commodity futures exchange of your preference. And without an iota of doubt, we are the leaders

For mutual funds, we provide free advising service to assist you to choose most excellent funds based on your risk/return’s anticipations.

We at Gill Broking make trading absolutely a matter of ease and convenience. Depending on your profile that spells out your plans, we offer various sorts of value-added services and brokerage plans for both online as well as offline equity trading.

• Beware of fixed/guaranteed/regular returns/ capital protection schemes. Brokers or their authorized persons or any of their associates are not authorized to offer fixed/guaranteed/regular returns/ capital protection on your investment or authorized to enter into any loan agreement with you to pay interest on the funds offered by you. Please note that in case of default of a member claim for funds or securities given to the broker under any arrangement/ agreement of indicative return will not be accepted by the relevant Committee of the Exchange as per the approved norms.
• Ensure that pay-out of funds/securities is received in your account within 1 working day from the date of pay-out.
• Be careful while executing the PoA (Power of Attorney) – specify all the rights that the stock broker can exercise and timeframe for which PoA is valid. It may be noted that PoA is not a mandatory requirement as per SEBI / Exchanges.
• Register for online applications viz Speed-e and Easiest provided by Depositories for online delivery of securities as an alternative to PoA.

• Do not keep funds idle with the Stock Broker. Please note that your stock broker has to return the credit balance lying with them, within three working days in case you have not done any transaction within last 30 calendar days. Please note that in case of default of a Member, claim for funds and securities, without any transaction on the exchange will not be accepted by the relevant Committee of the Exchange as per the approved norms.

• Check the frequency of accounts settlement opted for. If you have opted for running account, please ensure that your broker settles your account and, in any case, not later than once in 90 days (or 30 days if you have opted for 30 days settlement). In case of declaration of trading member as defaulter, the claims of clients against such defaulter member would be subject to norms for eligibility of claims for compensation from IPF to the clients of the defaulter member. These norms are available on Exchange website at following link: NSE, MCX

• Brokers are not permitted to accept transfer of securities as margin. Securities offered as margin/ collateral MUST remain in the account of the client and can be pledged to the broker only by way of ‘margin pledge’, created in the Depository system. Clients are not permitted to place any securities with the broker or associate of the broker or authorized person of the broker for any reason. Broker can take securities belonging to clients only for settlement of securities sold by the client.

• Always keep your contact details viz. Mobile number/Email ID updated with the stock broker. Email and mobile number is mandatory and you must provide the same to your broker for updation in Exchange records. You must immediately take up the matter with Stock Broker/Exchange if you are not receiving the messages from Exchange/Depositories regularly.

• Don’t ignore any emails/SMSs received from the Exchange for trades done by you. Verify the same with the Contract notes/Statement of accounts received from your broker and report discrepancy, if any, to your broker in writing immediately and if the Stock Broker does not respond, please take this up with the Exchange/Depositories forthwith.

• Check messages sent by Exchanges on a weekly basis regarding funds and securities balances reported by the trading member, compare it with the weekly statement of account sent by broker and immediately raise a concern to the exchange if you notice a discrepancy.

• Please do not transfer funds, for the purposes of trading to anyone, including an authorized person or an associate of the broker, other than a SEBI registered Stock broker.

• Do not deal with unregistered intermediaries (who are not registered with SEBI/Exchanges).

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